Understanding the 4 Personality Types: A, B, C, and D

Understanding the 4 Personality Types: A, B, C, and D

Those who have a Type D personality may be more worry-prone, which makes them susceptible to mental and physical health issues. Curious if you fall into one of these categories? Below is a breakdown of how to tell, and things to be mindful of when it comes to personality traits:. Someone with a Type C personality can be classified as an overly conscientious individual, said Susan Krauss Whitbourne, professor emerita of psychological and brain sciences at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Like Type A folks, they are also considered to be incredibly organized and hardworking. But what sets them apart from their Type A counterparts is their diligent nature.

Romantic Relationships

Type A people are incredibly goal-oriented and hardworking, and usually super successful as a result. It’s these go-getter traits that get them ahead in life and help them to scoop up promotions and climb corporate ladders. But when it comes to dating, it is possible to be too Type A in your relationship. Even though there are tons of benefits associated with Type A personalities, there are downsides, too.

And when applied to a relationship, those traits can easily create a situation that’s unfair and unbalanced. And while being Type A doesn’t mean it’s impossible to have a healthy relationship, this is something to watch out for.

There are four basic personality types: A, B, C, and D. Each have strengths and weaknesses influencing hiring and retention as well as management strategy.

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What Is A Type C Personality, And Do I Have It?

Type D personality , a concept used in the field of medical psychology, is defined as the joint tendency towards negative affectivity e. Individuals with a Type D personality have the tendency to experience increased negative emotions across time and situations and tend not to share these emotions with others, because of fear of rejection or disapproval. Johan Denollet, professor of Medical Psychology at Tilburg University , Tilburg , The Netherlands , developed the construct based on clinical observations in cardiac patients, empirical evidence , and existing theories of personality.

Some early studies found that coronary artery disease CAD patients with a Type D personality have a worse prognosis following a myocardial infarction MI as compared to patients without a Type D personality. In some of these studies, Type D was associated with a 4-fold increased risk of mortality, recurrent MI, or sudden cardiac death , independently of traditional risk factors, such as disease severity. People who score 10 points or more on both dimensions are classified as Type D.

I am sure you heard of type A and type B personalities but what is Type C personality? Before i tell you about the type C personality traits there is a very important.

Do you tend to feel gloomy, keep to yourself, hide your emotions from others, and tend to see the glass as half empty? You might be a type D personality. Personality types were originally identified by cardiologists in the ‘s to help determine patients who might be at greater risk for heart disease. As research has continued to develop over the years, more personality types have been identified and labeled with specific letters to represent a found set of patterned personality traits.

You have likely heard of type A personality before, which involves traits such as competitiveness, aggressiveness, and high levels of ambition. People with type A personality are found to be at greater risk of experiencing cardiac health complications such as high blood pressure and heart disease. When we discuss personality types like this we are not referring to an established mental health diagnosis, but a pattern of traits that can help researchers learn who might be at risk for cardiac disease and other physical health complications.

Type D is a particular personality type first labeled in the s by Belgian psychologist and researcher Johan Denollet.

The Secrets Of The Type C Personality You Need to Know

Medically Reviewed By: Laura Angers. Those with a Type C personality are said to be emotionally repressed. What this means is that Type Cs have a hard time sharing their emotions with others. The traits of Type C, or “Consistent,” personality is similar to those of a Type A personality in that they tend to be obsessive over the smallest of details, tending to check and re-check their work over and over again to be sure it is free from errors.

Feb 16, – If you’ve been on OKCupid recently, you might have noticed that more and more people are disclosing their Myers-Briggs personality type on.

INTJs are analytical problem-solvers, eager to improve systems and processes with their innovative ideas. They have a talent for seeing possibilities for improvement, whether at work, at home, or in themselves. Often intellectual, INTJs enjoy logical reasoning and complex problem-solving. They approach life by analyzing the theory behind what they see, and are typically focused inward, on their own thoughtful study of the world around them. INTJs are drawn to logical systems and are much less comfortable with the unpredictable nature of other people and their emotions.

They are typically independent and selective about their relationships, preferring to associate with people who they find intellectually stimulating.

10 Reasons To Date A Type A Personality, According To Relationship Experts

The concept of personality types can be defined as the psychological classification of people on the basis of their personality traits. Type C individuals are introverted, perfectionists, sensitive, and thoughtful. Type A and Type B personality theory, which proclaims that type A people are those who are very achievement-oriented, impatient, business like, ambitious, competitive, and status conscious, while type B people are patient, easy-going and relaxed, is based on this concept itself.

Modern-day psychologists have added two more personality types to these already existing ones, i. Here are some of the characteristics which are common to people who have a type C personality. Type C personality people are perfectionists and tend to take everything seriously.

Then you have our Type C Man. He comes out of his Which of the 3 personality types would you like to date? Do you want the Type A.

Passive by nature, often reticent and aloof, people with this kind of approach can give an impression of coldness or disinterest. Much of this impassive style stems from their controlled nature, however, which makes them reluctant to reveal information about themselves or their ideas unless absolutely necessary. In fact, high-C’s are often surprisingly ambitious and have lofty goals, but their innate lack of assertiveness and unwillingness to become involved in confrontational situations makes it difficult for them to achieve these goals directly.

Instead, they will tend to use existing structures and rules to accomplish their aims. For example, where a more Dominant type might simply demand that others follow their instructions, a High-C will appeal to rules, authority and logical argument to influence the actions of others. High-C’s have many strengths, but the ability to relate easily to other people is rarely among these.

Deciphering the Common Traits of a Sensitive Type C Personality

Why is it that some people seem to have endlessly fulfilling love lives? Like c’mon, Karen, leave some romantic bliss for the rest of us, will you? While dating is seemingly a total struggle bus for some — it’s effortlessly exciting for others. And as it turns out, your personality type has a lot to do with this. It totally makes sense, too, when you consider how much your personality impacts your relationships, from how you interact on first dates to how you deal with personal conflict.

Of course, every MBTI personality type has its own strengths that come in handy when it comes to dating.

Type C personality traits. Type C personalities love details and can spend a lot of time trying to find out how things work and this makes them very.

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Cluster C personality disorders (avoidant, obsessive-compulsive, dependent)

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